Scenario #1: Whew! [Human-Transparent] – Weighting = 5%—This is the wonderful day we wake up and we are back in a world where people regularly say, “Hey! It’s a free country.” We believe in our opportunities, we have faith in each other. The unceasing perversion and corruption have ended. Mind control technology is illegal, and related enforcement works. Our governance and political structures are trustworthy.

I spend about 25% of my time in this world. I was just in this world at a salon at Thomas Meyer’s home. The conversation was open and free-ranging. The people enjoyed the conversation and respected each other’s feelings and opinions. The food was delicious. The sunlight shone in from the garden. The piano and violin music that opened and closed our afternoon was inspiring. The company was heartwarming. The integrity of the people who I knew personally was high.

The event felt just like the events when Solari Report subscribers get together. We are in a world that is both free and welcoming. We can let our hair down and just say “Whew!” Spending as much time as I do in these environments is one of the benefits of publishing The Solari Report.

What are the chances for the Whew! scenario? I rate them as low—5%. The adoption of FASAB 56 was a major blow against the odds for this scenario in the near future. Significant secret money for secret armies means things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Fight for this scenario in 2019—do everything you can to make it happen—but for planning purposes, be prepared to manage in a world sliding toward a non-transparent and inhuman state.

My 5% probability represents hope for pushback—including the “Midianite thing” slowing down totalitarian forces. Look for opportunities to support local politicians and citizens fighting hard for responsibility and against local secrecy and central control.