“There are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.” ~Ronald Reagan

Category Catherine’s 2017 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q1 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q2 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q3 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2017 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q1 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q2 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q3 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Grade
Vision B- C B- B- C+ B- C- C B- B-
Recruiting a Team B- D+ D+ D+ D+ C D+ D- D+ C-
Building a Team D D- D D F C D- D- D D-
Accomplishments to Date B+ B+ B+ A- B- B A- A- A- C+
Effort B A A A B+ A A A- B+
Communication C+ C+ C+ B- C- C+ B- B- B- C-
War Games (Mapping the Swamp) C- B B B+ B+ B B B+ B+ B
Building Bottom-Up Support D C+ C+ B- C C- C C B- C
Introducing Important Change B B- B- B B C C C B B
Building Bridges Internationally C- C- C+ C+ C C- B- B- C
Building Bridges Domestically F D- C- C D D D C C C-
Managing the Executive Branch Bureaucracy C- C- C C D C / C- C- C C D
Grand Strategy for America and Our Role In the World Too Early To Grade Too Early To Grade Too Early To Grade C C A- B- C+ B- C
Managing the Federal Budget and Contracting Budget F F F F F F F F F F
Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy B- B- B- B- B+ B+ B B B B+
Growing in the Job B- B- B A- A- B / B- B- B A- B+