Scenario #4: Animal Farm [Inhuman – Non-Transparent] – Weighting = 30%—This is a world where the central controls and secrecy are so strong and the treatment so inhuman that people feel the tyranny—and often take their anger and frustration out on each other.

Genocide, imprisonment, slavery, trafficking, the organization and management of drug-addicted populations, disaster capitalism, systemic financial fraud and predatory lending, the targeting of innocent civilian populations for sanctions that reduce nutrition and necessities below those needed for a human existence, or targeting and destruction of countries such as Libya—these are some of the many examples of Animal Farm scenarios in our world.

I am lucky. I spend essentially no time in these worlds. I work hard to bring transparency to them—as I believe transparency of both the practices and the people responsible lowers the odds of the Animal Farm scenario growing and dominating.

When I realize I am in an Animal Farm world, I get out fast. If I feel this kind of anger and sarcasm in a conversation—whether in person or on social media—I exit as quickly as I can. In times such as these, anger often reflects a bad combination of ignorance and/or mind control. Usually, insight or interaction cannot make a positive contribution.

Over the next year, I give the Animal Farm scenario a 30% chance of dominating. Unfortunately, FASAB 56 significantly increases the chance that the push for war could succeed in starting wars in which there are no winners with the exception of a handful of profiteers. Whether FASAB 56 or an increase in war and war investment, these developments will accelerate depopulation strategies and use of slave labor.

Financing this means you are betting against a human future. What good will money do in an inhuman world? You decide.