Scenario #3: Mind Control [Inhuman-Transparent] – Weighting = 40%—This is a world where everyone pretends we are in the Whew! scenario—but we are not. Cooperation of the general population is achieved with heavy mind control and entrainment combined with financial secrecy. Extensive surveillance and monitoring allows the covert to rule. This makes it easier to institute central controls and inhuman policies steadily over time.

Confidence in mind control means that the leadership is less afraid and more transparent about what they are actually doing. It’s okay to destroy Libya and steal their gold because feminists feel that Hillary Clinton is demonstrating leadership qualities—it’s a woman’s turn to do so—and liberals consider it fashionable to have an African-American president, even when he is genociding Africans.

I spend about 25% of my time in populations that are headed this way or have arrived in the equivalent of the communities in movies such as The Truman Show or The Stepford Wives. I try to avoid these environments. One of the dangers is that these populations can be weaponized to target individuals and the general population in a variety of ways.

One of the reasons I spend time in this scenario is because Solari Report subscribers are regularly targeted by all manner of hope porn, fear porn, and disinformation—or by predatory financial pitches or downright financial fraud. That means watching this material, dealing with some of the people involved, and determining ways of helping others filter and avoid this scenario.

Another reason is because hypermaterialism is growing. All of us are spending time managing interactions with people who don’t appreciate the covert side of the economy and have no idea that the spiritual world exists. Indeed, they do not even understand invisible technologies of the material kind. So, for example, they are unaware of the dangers of EMF radiation or GMO food. They only see what is both material and visible. For those of us whose insights are not so limited, the increase in hypermaterialism is a frightening phenomenon.

Over the coming year, I assume a 40% chance of the mind control scenario dominating our environment.