“The number one challenge of robotics is: How do you create legal and financial and accounting systems to manage it? You are talking about new systems for every county, every state, every country globally. From a legal and financial standpoint, it is a huge challenge to do. The way to simplify it enormously is to take the human system and fit the robots into the human system. The beauty of that is you have the state and local and payroll taxation system that the deep state is financially dependent upon. They don’t want to lose that. If you can set it up so that a robot can be a citizen and a robot can have a birth certificate, you can slip it right through the payroll system. This will save you decades of controversy and nightmare and work.” ~Catherine Austin Fitts

Story #11: Gender X: Adapting Human Labor Law and Taxation for Robotics

Transhumanism is blurring the lines between human, cyborg, and robot. “Gender X” is the drumbeat—a convenient cover for the integration of robots into the human labor system for regulation and taxation purposes (allowing faster rollout of robotics) and a distraction to keep people from paying attention to efforts to prototype and test the integration of digital technology into humans. The Gender X issue also represents an effort to untether people from their traditions and history. This linguistic agenda may seem harmless, but it is not. In response, we need to remember that “where two or more are gathered, there am I”—there is a powerful magic that comes from connecting with our ancestors, our families, and the divine.

Story #12: Gates Apologizes for Common Core Failure

There are money games going on in education—outsiders dictate policy, while our local taxes pay for their experiments. In this context, Bill Gates’ apology for his Common Core failure is a big win, illustrating what citizen pushback can accomplish. What does it mean that Gates is standing up and apologizing for spending $400 million to tinker with American children’s brains (and get them online 24/7)? Our guess is that he wants in on the DOD Jedi or other contracts and wants to avoid the political pushback on tech companies.

We can also celebrate this story as a Joseph Farrell victory—Dr. Farrell’s book, Rotten to the (Common) Core (coauthored with Gary Lawrence), was one of the definitive Common Core critiques. That book made it clear that the U.S. educational system has been “rotten” for a very long time. We’ve had Harvard Presidents using standardized testing to triage the “elite” and “non-elite,” and an Educational Testing Service that cooperated with MK-Ultra. We need to keep “owning the culture” while making headway with the other threats—such as bad food, vaccines, and mind control—that are driving our children into a state of non-competitiveness and ineffectiveness. High-integrity allies, time in nature, prayer, and beautiful music are things that can help combat mind control and lift all of us into a higher mind.

Story #13: Bill Binney’s Great Encryption Teach-In

If every young person in America and the G7 were to learn how to do encryption, says Bill Binney, we could drive the deep state crazy with millions of encryption systems. Although it is probably impossible for a digital system to have complete integrity, we need higher-integrity systems than we have now. And let’s not forget to have young people also learn about analog codes and ciphers.


“When it comes to shaping the future of artificial intelligence, the single most important factor will be the actions of human beings.” ~ Kai-Fu Lee

​Story #14: Transhumanist Pile On

Food safety rules have been used to control the food system and drive small farmers and grocers out of business, but as that happens, food gets more and more unsafe. And now…we have lab-grown meat. Do we trust sellers like Amazon/Whole Foods to clearly label lab-grown meat as such? Other over-the-top stories this quarter included lab-grown human brains, gene-edited babies, birth from a transplanted uterus, a transgender man becoming Miss Spain, and an opioid a thousand times more potent than morphine. Not to mention a disturbing Gender X children’s clothing line. Prepare yourself to maintain human culture in the face of headlines that are trying to make you incoherent.

​Story #15: The Challenges of Having an Intelligent Conversation About the Environment

Weather warfare, which goes back decades, is coming out into the open. Secretary of Defense William Cohen first admitted as much in 1997, and now countries like Russia and China are not even trying to hide it. There is a Wikipedia entry for Beijing’s Weather Modification Office—an official unit of the Meteorological Bureau “tasked with weather control.” So, anyone who discusses climate issues without making reference to the technologies that enable weather warfare and manipulation of the atmosphere is not only disingenuous but is committing egregious material omissions.

Story #16: The Fake Science Problem

Corporate fake science has been killing or crowding out real science for a long time. By conducting and reporting false science and making everything more complicated than it needs to be (while keeping effective technologies secret), corporate science can control everything and rake off billions in profits for the problems it manufactures. (It’s the same playbook as in finance!) The physics establishment has been hiding a breakaway “off-the-books” physics since the days of Einstein, and the gatekeepers of biology and medicine have been doing the same. Consider the cover-up of Royal Raymond Rife’s research: Rife’s frequency instruments were curing cancer in the 1950s and—even more threatening to the status quo—his paradigm-changing microscopes could observe the live viruses that he believed caused cancer. If viruses are a reaction to toxicity, as Sofia Smallstorm suggests, then the solutions are pretty simple: reduce your toxicity and boost your oxygen, no pharmaceuticals needed.


“Being alive on the planet is a great privilege and must be pursued with gusto!” ~ Elana Freeland, Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown

Story #17: Vodaphone and Nokia Awarded Contract to Build 4G Network on the Moon

A seemingly “little” story about corporate contractors building a 4G network on the moon has just “outed” the space-based economy. It tells us that someone wants planetary communication on the moon. Why? Is someone already there? An even bigger story this year was the Space Force announcement. Is this something new, or does the call for a Space Force represent a slow trickle of disclosure about the secret space program that already exists? Is the Space Force a strategy to “kick up the speed” and ensure U.S. dominance in space, both for weaponry and offshore financial havens? What does it mean that the four-star general who is now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told soldiers a few years ago to expect “hybrid armies” and “little green men”?


“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” ~Marcia Angell, MD, “Drug Companies and Doctors: A Story of Corruption.” NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009

Story #18: Quantum Biology Blossoms

The thinkers delving into “future science” are showing us that how the human body works and what makes it healthy or unhealthy are quite different from what we have been taught. There is an energetic reality that speaks to another way of looking at biology and life. The good news is that this intellectual revolution could usher in a solution to the health care mess—wonderful health care on an economic basis. Check out the information available through Solari’s powerful Future Science Series with Ulrike Granögger, the Wellness Series with Brigitte Mouchet, the Food Series with Harry Blazer, Jason Bawden-Smith’s work with mitochondria, and Sofia Smallstorm’s newsletters.

Story #19: FDA Moves to Regulate Lab-Grown Meat

If grocers can increase their profit margin on a steak from 1% to 99%, will they? What could possibly go wrong? We need to redouble our efforts to find good, local sources of grass-fed meat.

Story #20: Bayer Jeopardized by Monsanto Lawsuit

On its surface, Bayer’s decision to buy Monsanto makes less and less sense and belongs with “unanswered questions.” In addition to the multiplying Roundup lawsuits, Vietnam announced that it is going to sue Monsanto for the damage caused by Agent Orange. How did the Germans let this happen? Was it the dumbest corporate decision ever, or was there a backdoor deal somewhere in the mix to protect Bayer from liability? It makes even less sense when we remember that Bayer has decades of practice with corporate shenanigans, being one of the largest surviving spinoffs of IG Farben.