“Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction.” ~Edward Tiller

Part I includes our stories for our first two categories: economy & financial markets and geopolitics.


“The [Federal Accounting Standards Advisory] Board determined that options other than those permitted in this Statement [FASAB 56 proposing federal agencies keep secret books] may not always adequately resolve national security concerns….Without this Statement, there is a risk that reporting entities may need to classify their entire financial statements to comply with existing accounting standards, which would likely result in the need to classify a large portion of the government-wide financial statements.” ~ Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, August 2018

“No Comment”—U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission on FASAB proposal that U.S. federal government, the largest issuer of securities in the world, be allowed to maintain secret books, March 2018

Story #1: Secret Books: Harvard, HUD, DOD, and U.S. Treasury Go Dark—The Pricing Mechanism Goes Dark, Too

The successful push for secret books and secret financial markets was the most important story of 2018. The secrecy trend was foreshadowed in 2017, when the Harvard Corporation began taking steps to “go dark”—reducing transparency and getting rid of individuals knowledgeable about the financial coup. In 2018, after the Department of Defense (DOD) admitted that it was incapable of producing an audit, the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) quietly introduced a policy that negates any pretense of oversight by making it legal for government agencies and affiliate entities to have secret books. Secrecy combined with AI are also destroying the pricing mechanism. These moves signal a thriving breakaway civilization and hidden system of finance—and implementation of a new model that not only protects the perpetrators of the financial coup from liability but facilitates further flows out the back door for disaster capitalism and control by private corporations. (Gee, Harvard is buying up land and water in California….) Who knew that the Federal government could usher in a meaner and more aggressive fascist model through changes in an obscure accounting policy?

Story #2: Interest Rates Rise—National Security State Squeezes the Civilian Economy and the Outsiders—Debtors, Housing, Emerging Markets, and Small Business

Pay attention to Solari’s economic storm warning, because the deep state—which we think has stolen $50-plus trillion, has all the technology, and now has secret books—is raising interest rates to make more money on its stolen money. How clever is that! After all, they are the ones who have the cash to pay newly issued Treasury securities. The insiders who helped engineer the financial coup also are free to print more money at any time or give themselves more government contracts. As they continue to centralize control and engineer a recession and inflation, the civilian economy will feel the squeeze between revenues and expenses. The rest of the world continues to try to establish an alternative system that the U.S. can’t control.

Story #3: Piratization Prep: The Deep State Utilities Build Out Their Platform

Contrary to what hope porn would have us believe, the swamp is in full blossom. Throughout 2018, we watched an unprecedented “in-your-face” move to reengineer and centralize the Federal government’s digital infrastructure using the deep state “utilities”—especially Amazon and Lockheed Martin. Consider Amazon’s set-up: It has the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies happy together in the Amazon cloud; it has consolidated its retail business with the purchase of Whole Foods; it owns The Washington Post; and its new dual headquarters will be located in proximity to the CIA, Treasury, and the New York Fed. In addition, the pending $10 billion DOD Jedi contract looks like it may go to…Amazon. Then, we have Amazon’s strategic satellite deal with Lockheed—which happens to be the U.S. government’s number-one contractor and was the lead contractor at the Federal Aviation Administration when 9/11 happened. Lockheed also ran information and payment systems for HUD and DOD during the financial coup and managed the neat trick of spinning out its IT division to escape liability for the missing money.

Story #4: Cash Is King: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Drop Together

Atypically, stocks, bonds, and commodities were all down together in 2018. With no pricing mechanism, what to do? You need to make wise decisions about where and how you invest your time, money, and other resources. Invest in what you know and believe to be real. There are thousands of good companies that are not corrupt and are producing basic things that everybody needs. Also remember that seven billion people are a mighty force; the deep state may be trying to harvest us, but we can still focus on doing something productive.

Story #5: IOT Profits and the 5G Launch

From a market, operational, and control point of view, the deep state is 100% dependent on having 5G and the Internet of Things up and running. The health effects of EMF radiation are not on the leadership’s radar as a concern but may be one of the reasons that they seem to prefer robots. All of us are going to have to learn about EMF radiation and take it seriously. Consider hiring a professional to assess and remediate EMF and dirty electricity levels in your living and work space—this can make a big difference.


“For the West in general, Trump’s decision [to withdraw troops from Syria] has significance far beyond Syria or Iran. It signals the end of America’s role as world policeman—the end of what might be called the Pax Americana dependency culture.” ~ Melanie Phillips

“The state’s exclusive claim to violence to uphold its rule of law is, according to many, the very essence of statehood. For instance, in 1919, the eminent German sociologist Max Weber defined the state as “a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory.” This definition remains widely used today, and states that cannot maintain a monopoly of force and endure civil war or frequent violent crime are routinely described as “weak,” “fragile,” or “failed” states.” ~ Sean McFate, The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order

Story #6: Deep State Secrecy—Censorship, Coup by FASAB, Climate Confusion, and Culture Wars

Physical, mental, and emotional manipulation—electromagnetic and cultural—are being used to promote transhumanism and create chaos, confusion, and bad maps. Look at the effort to get young people to adopt a false map about climate change so that they will embrace socialism and central control (while never hearing a peep about weather warfare or global spraying). The culture wars and cultural “peer pressure” are another brilliant tactic to keep people from noticing that their money is being stolen and their human rights destroyed. However, the protests that are happening all over Europe—cultural, not political—show how strongly people feel about preserving and “seed-banking” their culture. Watch out for manipulation of language—an insidious technique to cut people off from Western European culture. The business community’s substitution of “human resources” for the word “personnel” is another example of linguistic sleight-of-hand, signaling a modern version of slavery. In this light, be cautious about DNA testing, which, in a legal sense, transfers ownership of the DNA to whomever obtains the sample.

Story #7: 9-11 West: Are Thermal Warfare and Disaster Capitalism Spreading Across the U.S. and EU?

This was the second most important story of 2018. Thermal warfare on American citizens is happening—the U.S. equivalent of the Phoenix Program—and it is taking place with the concurrence and approval of the U.S. government and its contractors. (How could the fires have happened without the U.S. military, which controls the air space, either standing down or facilitating?) Did the Administration make a deal with the tech industry to clear out land for high-speed trains and Silicon Valley North? Is there an intent to transform the state and consolidate the national security infrastructure that is already in place in California? Or are the fires a way to clear out mortgage fraud? Or both? At any rate, all signs indicate that thermal warfare and other forms of lawlessness are going to spread across the country and throughout the G7. Disasters also dramatically increase the government’s ability to spend money without accountability. The tearing up of rules and standards in the middle of a disaster is frightening to watch.

Story #8: Midterms: GOP Wins Senate, Dems Win House, Trust in Voting Systems Continues to Deteriorate

The split midterm election results will exacerbate partisan politics. This means more paralysis of overt government, greater covert control, and more infighting between deep state factions. One telltale sign that the midterm “blue wave” was engineered: All 60 freshman congressmen—including young supporters of socialism and transhumanism—went to Harvard for their week-long briefing. Since when is the deep state in charge of congressional orientation? With national elections now functioning as high-powered, expensive surveys, will the “silent majority” simply give up on the process? Perhaps, but they will not give up their guns—over a million people have refused to comply with the recent New Jersey law banning large capacity ammunition magazines.

There are also growing indications that the Clinton-Bush marriage of convenience may be breaking up and that Trump has made a deal with the “Bushies”; look at Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court, the Fed, and as Attorney General. Meanwhile, the Clintons’ pay-to-play backers—some of the most powerful people on the planet—want their money. Are the Clintons being set up for a fall?

In addition to the secret books of government, and the genocide in California, and moving the deep state utilities into position to further reengineer the Federal government, we see the Department of Justice apparatus being used to lawlessly try to destroy Julian Assange. Is this because the deep state systems are not yet secure, and somebody has a way in?

Story #9: Trade Wars and the Rise of the Asian Consumer

China is building its consumer markets, financing the Silk Road, and downsizing its Treasury positions. It is also moving fast in the military, space, and tech arenas. This represents direct competition with the U.S. on every front—on-planet and off-planet. In addition, Asia and Europe both have larger consumer markets than the U.S., and they are in cahoots, leaving the U.S. as “odd man out.” However, the Chinese Communist system is doing a poor job of inspiring trust and solving its culture problem—and Chinese leaders appear to know it. Ultimately, culture might be a deciding factor in whether China succeeds or fails at promoting the yuan as an alternative global reserve currency.

Story #10: Brexit: The Endless Agony

We are witnessing a messy Brexit process. If Theresa May were to address it as a fait accompli and execute a hard Brexit, it would likely leave her in a position of strength. In fact, a hard Brexit might be the only thing that can save her government at this point, but May does not appear to have the stomach for it. Her inability to make progress is jeopardizing the benefits of Brexit—offering the worst of both worlds. In the end, perhaps the crown will exercise executive power. The Queen wanted Brexit—likely for reasons of culture and also to protect offshore havens and Commonwealth secrecy—and she could be the one to go down in history as having engineered the Brexit.