Scenario #2: Candle in the Dark [Human-Non-Transparent] – Weighting = 25%—This is the world where we are free to be our human self, but we have to build this in our own little bubbles.

This scenario is a bit like being a monk during medieval times. We travel from one monastery to another. The good ones have a wonderful culture and civilization. However, it is easy to get robbed on the road between the walled cities. You have to take precautions. It is a non-transparent world, and each territory has multiple roving covert operations and financial predators. The lawlessness detracts from people’s ability to earn income and build savings or wealth.

I spend about 50% of my time in this world—living and working in a bubble at my house or in the homes of friends and allies. I give this scenario a 25% probability for the near future, as many more people in the general population embrace mind control. The greater the number of people who are entrained, the easier it is for the leadership to adopt intrusive technology such as 5G and covert operations designed to reduce health and other freedoms. That makes it harder and more expensive, even dangerous, for some of us to preserve and nurture our “candle in the dark.”

You can see the inversion—the projective identification—used to market vaccinations. The unvaccinated are not threatening the health of the vaccinated. Rather, the mind control of the vaccinated is threatening the health, financial security, and future of the entire population.