We are dividing into multiple worlds—not just those marked by separate languages and cultures, but by different visions of what a human being is.

Are we sovereign individuals with rights that emerge from divine authority, or are we simply a natural resource to be exploited for pleasure, profit, and entertainment? If massive monetary inflation could be offset by global labor deflation, will the next round be continuous labor deflation through robotics and the integration of digital technology into humans—including on an involuntary basis?

As we debate our sovereign rights and freedoms, we are experiencing an unprecedented effort to assert central control—often by covert means—and to brainwash and mind control the general population into financing and supporting the forces acting against us. As we finance this “invasion,” secrecy, corruption, and organized crime continue to grow. At the same time, our culture continues to be debased.

For our scenario plans for 2019, I have chosen two variables.

  • The first is our humanity: Will we maintain a human civilization or become progressively more inhuman?
  • The second is the level of transparency, particularly as it relates to the nature of our governance and resource management, including our financial flows: Will our governance and the funds and resources we provide to government be disclosed in an open way or kept secret?

By lining up these two variables in a matrix, we create four scenarios:

Scenario #1: Whew!

Scenario #2: Candle in the Dark

Scenario #3: Mind Control

Scenario #4: Animal Farm

All four scenarios exist in our current world. The question is, which ones will we nurture, support, and finance, and which ones will we cut off, shun, and starve?

Traditionally, my scenarios focus on the issues that inform investment strategies for the coming year. This year, however, I believe it is essential that we face up to the fundamental dependency of the G7 nations on the war machine—and the extent to which that machinery is operating outside of domestic and international law.

Do we want to make money by investing in the destruction of our own health and freedoms or in the mind control and bankruptcy of our children and grandchildren?

I don’t. This is one of the reasons why I shifted the focus in my investment advisory business in 2018 to building and managing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment screen. I have no interest whatsoever in profiting from the end of human civilization.

It was one of the rules I was taught early on Wall Street: “Never bet against yourself.”