It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom—for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.” ~ Declaration of Arbroath

Jon stood on the stage alone. He was wearing a three-piece white suit with a pink shirt. Contrasted with his jet-black hair and tall, stern demeanor, he cut an imposing figure that night. He began to speak about the corruption of medical science and the truth of vaccines—he spoke forcefully and without hesitation for well over an hour. No notes. No slides.

It was spellbinding. There were more facts, figures, profound insights, and pure unadulterated truths packed into that oration than I thought was possible. It was intellectual luxury—the equivalent of eating an entire box of the finest Swiss chocolates. Intense. Delicious. Rich.

I have heard stories of what it was like to hear Mark Twain and the greatest orators of an age. To be in the audience for one of these performances transforms you. It changes your life. This was the first time it had happened to me.

It was in Mexico, at night, long ago. It was the finest speech I have ever heard. Ever.

Why is it that one of the finest orators of our age is not speaking at the great universities and the think tanks, whereas retired politicians whose only claim to fame comes from having given away our money are paid $1 MM in speaking fees?

The answer is because Jon Rappoport is on our side. He has always been on our side—completely, utterly, and without equivocation.

I have read almost everything Jon has ever written and listened to much of what he has recorded. For years, I pestered Jon to package his interviews into what is now his Matrix Revealed collection.

Over a period of years, Jon interviewed insiders and allowed them to “tell all” anonymously. His goal was to unpack the nuts and bolts of how our “official reality” is crafted and controlled. In many rereadings of these interviews, I have never found one imperfection. If you have operated within the system—on Wall Street and in Washington—you invariably find such imperfections. It is what gives away sloppy reporting or disinformation.

Jon’s reports are flawless. Real. Detailed. Fascinating. His ability to unpack the details of how the “Matrix” works and to teach the power of our imaginations immediately unleashed inspiration in my heart and possibilities in my mind. I kept insisting to clients and subscribers that they read Jon Rappoport.

I did a Solari Report with Jon on his new collection, including his interviews—The Matrix Revealed—when the collection was ready. I was in a hotel, with three options for both phone and Internet. During the live recording, all three phones went down, as did the room’s electricity. I stayed live as I kept migrating access. The interruptions did not all happen at once—so the audience never knew. But it confirmed that someone important agreed with me about the significance of Jon’s collection.

A subscriber called me the next week and said, “All my life, I have been going to these conferences where people told me I could invent my world. But I never believed them. After listening to you and Jon describe how other people are inventing my world for me, I realized, you know, I can invent my world.”

Jon does that to people.

I used to stay at a friend’s house in the San Francisco Bay Area who would read Jon’s latest column almost daily and howl with laughter. It was this exact same inspiration. The power of Jon’s insights made “freedom ring.” I invited my friend to come see Jon speak at the Secret Space Program 2014.

When I came back to the house that evening, my friend was sitting at his kitchen table grinning from ear to ear. I asked him what he was smiling about. He said, inspired by Jon’s speech, “I am imagining my next big thing.”

For many years, one of my dreams has been to look up and see on my bookshelves a leather-bound Complete Works of Jon Rappoport next to my Oxford six-volume edition of the Complete Works of William Wordsworth. In my view, that is where Jon’s writing ranks and belongs—with the great works that endure through the ages.

If you want to help make that dream come true, head over to Jon’s site, No More Fake News, and buy and download his books, audios, and interviews, packaged in three digital collections. We invest in our freedom and our future each time we archive, learn, teach, pass on, and preserve these priceless contributions.

The Solari team chose Jon as the Solari Report Hero for 2018. No words can express the inspiration and power that Jon and his work have given our team, our subscribers, and our network.

May God bless you, Jon Rappoport, as you have blessed all of us!

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